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We love small family vineyards so we search for wines that are a reflection of the land and the hand of the grower. For the most part, our wines are natural/organic and estate bottled. Some vineyards you may find familiar, but several will introduce you to new grape varietals and flavor profiles. We always have a dozen or so wines open for sampling by the glass. 

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Our curated bar essentials include the best aperitifs and cocktail mixes, plus Port, Sherry, Vermouth, sparkling, still, flavored and non-flavored waters. For summer, try one of our new wine cocktails: Cranberry Cosmo, Ginger Mule, Strawberry, Citrus or Peach Margarita. Cheers!

Private Events At The Shop

If you're interested in learning more about reserving the shop for a private event, please call us: 910.585.2743. 

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